El sitio http://www.nakedprotesters.com/ se especializa en recopilar desnudos de activistas por el mundo ciento de manifestaciones bajo la lente de los fotógrafos de varios países extractan esta forma particular de llamar la atención para sus ideales .

Nude Women Of London

The photos from the World Naked Bike Ride keep trickling in, this time from London. I particularly appreciate correspondents like Chipsilver, who send me photos they took themselves. Thanks, Chip!

Pretty lass with painted boobs

pretty nude cyclist woman wearingg nothing but fancy socks

pretty half-naked cyclist

fully naked woman with backpack and bike horn

crouching nude, hidden beauty

War is indecent, breasts are pretty

It’s beginning to look like the nudity factor at these events is going up. Flesh colored undies won’t get you on TV any more….

Naked Sex Doll Protest

Here’s a different sort of naked protest for you:

nude sex doll protester

Details are unclear, but the basic sentiment comes right through.

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London Naked Bike Ride

Thanks to Trev and Simon for sending along links to two sets of photos of this year’s Naked Bike Ride as seen in London. First this set credited to photographer Mike Grenville:

naked bike ride london

And then this set by Simon Crerar:

naked bike ride london

Thanks, guys!

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World Naked Bike Ride 2005

It seems that yesterday was the date for World Naked Bike Ride 2005. The first photos are trickling in (thanks Bryan!) and this one (from Yahoo) shows some naked cyclists in Spain:

naked bike ride 2005

I expect to see many more good pictures over the next few days — please don’t hesitate to email me with pertinent links!

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Naked Boobs Against Fur

Christina Cho protests in Seoul, part of the endless parade of anti-fur activism:

christina cho naked in seoul

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Naked Without Fur

Another emailed photo with no attribution, although from the slogan it looks like another PETA action. Two full sets of bare breasts make this one better than most:

naked boobies without fur

You know, if more women really did go naked without fur, the fur industry would be even deader than it already is.

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Bush Inaugural Streaker

According to DC Indymedia, the lady is Joan Roney, and she streaked through the crowd while the president was being sworn in:

inaugural streaker

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Naked Beauty Queen Protesting

According to ErosBlog, this lovely breast was exposed in protest by Miss Bulgaria 2001, in a protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Sophia, Bulgaria:

miss bulgaria naked

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